Mining, minerals and metals are important to the economic and social development of many countries. 

DORA RESOURCES is a private Canadian Company focusing on the acquisition through discovery or transaction of precious metals, basic metals and non-metallic minerals (limestone) exploitation projects suitable to take through to the feasibility stage and further into production.

DORA RESOURCES has over 30+ years combined experience in the Mining Sector on Texada Island, Canada.

The Mining History of Texada Island dates back to the late 1800’s when gold was discovered in volcanic hosted quartz veins.  This led to further discoveries of gold, copper, iron and limestones and to the establishment of several mines at the turn of the century.

Texada Island is located approximately 120 kilometers northwest of Vancouver, British Columbia. The island is readily accessible by air or by ferry, and benefits from a well developed infrastructure of services, tidewater access and transportation methods.

Our goal is to conserve and enhance biodiversity, protect the environment, and turn lands where mining has occurred over to new and productive uses. It helps us ensure we are minimizing impacts to animals, plants and their habitats, and is factored into all our work throughout the life of the mine and helps shape our long-term targets for areas such as water, soil and biodiversity, as well as end land uses.

We engage with governments, communities and Indigenous Peoples about our plans and objectives prior to mining. We adopted this approach to promote a more inclusive and collaborative way of doing business and outcomes that better reflect what local stakeholders want for their region.

Canada is recognized as a leading mining nation. Our minerals sector, which includes exploration, mining and related support activities, primary processing, and downstream product manufacturing, is a mainstay of the economy that supports jobs and economic activity in every region.